The Customer Engine team is constantly working to upgrade and improve features within the software, making changes and updates so Engineers always get the most out of this amazing system.

This week’s Weekly Q&A Call (current Engineers can click here to see the replay) included a couple brand new features that provide much-needed flexibility as you interact with the platform.

  1. Scripts for Landing Pages

    Our team has provided the ability to add scripts into your landing pages for tracking purposes, retargeting purposes, or any other usages you may have. Within the landing page builder, a new option has been added at the bottom called “Custom scripts” where you can simply dump the script you want. The team has fully tested this new functionality by adding pixels for Facebook and Google, website widgets, etc.

  2. Redemption Blocks

    Current users of the Customer Engine system kickstarted this improvement and our team jumped right on it. Within automations, as we’re setting up a block for the redemption of our offers, we can now click an “on/off” button that allows us to continue the automation whether the redemption has been completed or it has expired. Additional notifications or redemptions can now be added on to continue leading customers through your processes or you now have the flexibility to make changes to offers along the way – all potentially leading to additional visits and revenue for your clients.

You can view a demo of the new features below:

We’re always looking for new Engineers and we would love to show you how we’re using this amazing software to save the world by saving small businesses.

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