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The Basics:

Help/Support Desk

Facebook Group

Welcome Video

Get to Know the System:

Agency Dashboard Overview & How to Setup Your Demo Account

How to Setup Twilio

How to Create Your Business Account

How to Setup Your First Campaign

Get Clients:

How to Attract Your Perfect Client
This video includes:
– How to Setup Your First Restaurant “Client Warmer Campaign”
– How to Apply for Your DFY Client Example Site
– How to Find Ideal Potential Clients
– How to Execute the “Holy Shit” Campaign
– The “First Client in 21 Days” Workflow

How to Sell Using our “Sliding Door” Sales Presentation
Sample Sales Presentation
Sales Presentation Copy (Do not edit this – save a copy)
SMS Test Card (Canva template)
The Green Card (aka Best Promos) (Canva template)

How to Onboard Your New Clients
The Trello Board Template

Build Your Clients’ Lists:

How to Build Your Clients’ Lists Using our “Aggressive 5” Campaigns
List-Builder – Postcard Size (Canva template)
List-Builder – Business Card Size (Canva template)

How to Deliver Your Clients an Extra $5-10k/month Using our List of 4 Campaign Types

Holiday Money – How to Use the 4th Quarter to Build Your Business for the Entire Year
Sample Promo Calendar Video (Jan. 2021)

Special/Technical Trainings:

The Restaurant Marketing Blackbook (lots of resources included under each training!)

How to Double Your Monthly Fee with Message Limits
Message Limit Pricing Plans (Canva template)
Suggested Pricing Sheet for Message/Contact Limits (Google doc)

Payment Plugin for WordPress

Overview of Automations (Coming Soon!)