Let me guess. You’re one of those business owners or digital agency owners who is always on the hunt for a system or process that will drive engagement with your customers while equating to increased revenues, right? We’re all in the same boat. And our team at Customer Engine has put together some insights below that you’re definitely going to want to check out.

I can’t tell you how many times digital agency owners and business owners alike have come up to me, emailed me, or messaged me and said “You know, if I had a fool-proof system for engaging my customers, I have no doubt it would put my sales into the stratosphere.” 

It makes perfect sense, right? If we could all just find ways to not only establish, but nurture and cultivate relationships with our customers, we’d all be exactly where we want to be. 

Customer Engine is a system that can do just that. Our system provides an incredibly unique opportunity to:

  • Close more sales when customers talk back to you.
  • Track everything inside the “messaging” dashboard.
  • Access complete conversion history at your fingertips.
  • Add new keywords and start new automations as you’re speaking to your customers live.

This is where Customer Engine and it’s two-way messaging feature comes in to take care of the dirty work for you.

So, before we dig in, I want to share with you the handful of things we’re going to cover that I know could absolutely lead to a breakthrough for your business:

Part 1: How We Use Customer Engine to Increase Sales in our Businesses
Part 2: How We Use a Very Special Tool to Further Engage Leads (Customers)
Part 3: How Current Customer Engine Subscribers Can Add This Tool
Part 4: How to Start a Trial and Learn More About Customer Engine

I’m so excited to share this amazing process we use all the time in our agency – with great success. Let’s jump in.

Part 1: How We Use Customer Engine to Increase Sales in our Businesses

In our agency, we work with a lot of local restaurants. Say you’re a restaurant owner (or you’re working with a restaurant owner). Of course you want to increase revenue. One way we do that is by setting up campaigns like this one.

This is a simple landing page that we’ve set up for our restaurant clients. We post this on Facebook pages or ads, link to it on in-store signage, create table-tents, etc. in an effort to encourage opt-ins to the VIP Club.

When customers opt-in, they receive a text message response that looks like this.

They receive that response because we’ve set up an automation in our system built to deploy the minute someone opts-in to our campaign. Here’s a sneak-peek into our system where you can how we built that automation.

(You’ll also notice the system has reminders built-in that allow us to automatically reach out as the offer gets closer to expiration to help create urgency and increase conversions.)

So now our restaurant has added each person that opts-in to this landing page to a VIP list that they can then market to on a regular basis, enticing them to come in more often and spend more when they do. It’s pretty obvious how a system like this can quickly help produce money-making results for your business, right?

Above, we covered how we use our intelligent turnkey marketing system called Customer Engine to help our restaurant clients increase their sales. The cool part is, we can even take it a step further…and truly engage your customers in real-time.

Part 2: How We Use a Very Special Tool to Further Engage Leads (Customers)

After we’ve spent some time building up that VIP list from our original “20% off” landing page we built, then we’re off to the races on ways we can engage. One of our best converting methods of engagement is our two-way messaging feature.

Imagine your restaurant (or your client’s restaurant) experiencing an abnormally slow day. It happens, right? Absolutely – to the very best of them. Two-way messaging is a truly killer way to eliminate some of those slow-day headaches.

In our system, we can set up a broadcast and send it to those “VIPs” we’ve qualified in earlier campaigns just like this one.

Then, we sit back and watch the system explode.

Why? Because we’ve offered real value. Free = real value, right?

And what’s cooler than that? You can still take it even further.

See what we did there? We’re driving even more business now while engaging our best customers. And, for what it’s worth, I’d still keep drilling down if they’re still responding. Offer the next handful of people 25% off their order. Offer the next group a free dessert with a pizza purchase.

You see how we’re not only engaging our leads, but making more sales while we do it? It’s an absolute win-win. Our Customer Engine subscribers that are not currently using this tool are probably thinking “Holy crap! I’ve gotta get that!” Well, here’s how you do just that.

Part 3: How Current Customer Engine Subscribers Can Add This Tool

If you’re a current Customer Engine subscriber, adding this exciting functionality to your system is incredibly easy to do.

Step 1: Log in to Your Agency Dashboard

Step 2: Click Two-Way Texting (on left-hand menu)

Step 3: Press Subscribe

Then, once you’ve added it, you can control which of your businesses gain access to this function, as well. From your agency dashboard:

Step 1: Click the Edit (Green) Button in the Business You Want to Enable

Step 2: Go to Live Chat and Click Activate

Step 3: Select Update

“But I don’t have Customer Engine…and I’m starting to think I really should.” Don’t worry, we got you!

Part 4: How to Start a Trial and Learn More About Customer Engine

If you’re interested in learning about Customer Engine, we would love to show you more about how we’re using this amazing software to save the world by saving small businesses.

Visit customerengine.io for more information.

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